Loading Process


To ensure the good quality we do inspection of all the consignment before loading. Our experienced inspection team send a report from loading point, along with proper pictures & videos. After getting approval team start the loading.


After the process of inspection & approval, our team start the loading process & do a proper count of lines to ensure that the consignment is loaded fully as per contract. Besides, the team is concerned to protect pakages from any kind of damages. Our team instantly reject all damaged pakage in loading point. To ensure secure transportation from loading point to port, after loading the team close the door by themselve and lock the container with seal. All pictures & videos we save to us for future reference. As proof of the weighment we collect all empty weight “before loading” & “loaded weight” slips after loading from trasport instantly and provide to our customers. After phytosanitary inspection & export or re-export inspection we also collect the final seal’s pictures which used in the container(s) and provide to our concern customer(s). However, to be transparant to our customer(s), we maintain all above process very attentively.

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